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kingedii started this conversation

Wife and i both lost our jobs at the same time....never work in the same place togetter...bad for u when the business closes down!

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Are you willing to consider moving for jobs, probably to Alabama?

They employ cooks (who usually cook for a group, with little help except a second cook for the rest of the week)  and homemakers (mostly women, apparantly with little training except a few days they provide).  The cooks are usually expected to work 12 hours a day, but only half the days every two week period.  The homemakers usually work 8 hour shifts, but sometimes two shifts in a row if the next homemaker doesn't arrive.  Some locations might have jobs for both.

For now, though, you'd better watch the weather reports to see if the hurricane approaching Texas is expected to get close enough to your area that you can expect more than whistling winds and heavy rain.

Sorry I can't offer more direct financial help.

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Hello,  I agree with you.  Been through it too. Thankyou for sharing

Have a good day

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